Campus Life Case Study

The Client: Campus Life Services (CLS) was established by the University of Limerick in 1985 to provide living accommodation, restaurants, cafebars and retail services for students. CLS aims to support students in residence to enjoy the best student living experience by providing high quality management and maintenance of their accommodation and delivering a programme of activities to help residents meet other students and get the best out of campus life.

Campus Life Needs: K-MAC were tasked with providing full facilities management services for 5 residential villages in the UL complex. These villages provide over 2500 rooms.  For any accommodation complex, scheduled planned maintenance and prompt reactive maintenance are paramount to welfare and satisfaction of its dwellers. The range of services to be provided include general mechanical & electrical maintenance, grounds maintenance, health & safety and energy management. As well as this, K-MAC were to provide a technical advice service and purchasing service for Campus Life.


Service Delivery

In order to carry out the service, K-MAC employs a team consisting off a Facility Manager and centrally based operatives who holds overall responsibility of the management for the maintenance of the five villages. The team consists of fully qualified electricians, carpenters and plumbers. The Facility Manager who acts as the site liason for Campus Life Services, Ul building department and K-MAC.

The appointed team is fully supported by the K-MAC management and administration team based in our head office. A CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) administrator is also appointed with the responsibility of scheduling of all planned and reactive tasks, generating maintenance and cost reports and maintaining the asset history for each village.

Our CAFM system is fundamental to the operation of the contract. The system is used to schedule, manage, record, track and report all service and repair works.

Our onsite management team have built a close relationship with the team at CLS which is rich in regular two way communication. Working closely with the managers for each village, the K-MAC Facilities Manager allocates all planned and reactive works for the service team.

Key Benefits for Campus Life

One Point of Contact and one team: Campus Life Services now only deal with one point of contact. This greatly minimises ambiguity and enables K-MAC to provide a transparent and quick reactive service. K-MAC staff act as direct employees of Campus Life Services and have a great knowledge of each of the villages and often go beyond their duties in carrying out the service.

Efficient Turnarounds: As part of the end of semester turnaround, K-MAC are required to turnaround 865 rooms in a 72 hour period in two villages and have all the villages (2,500) completed in less than 20 days. K-MAC and CLS complete a 500 room turnaround in January in the space of 2 and a half weeks.

Frequent Reporting:  Through our CAFM system, K-MAC have implemented a rigorous reporting system which has been of major benefit for CLS. Frequent reports on asset history, planned works and cost breakdowns gives CLS a platform to turn around villages quickly gives total visibility of all that K-MAC do and ‘how well’ K-MAC manages all aspects of the contract by providing a comprehensive reporting suite.

Increased savings as a result of an Efficient Purchasing Service: Previously CLS had to purchase all maintenance related equipment themselves, meaning they often overspent. With K-MAC now responsible for all purchasing, not only have CLS got value for money but also saved approx.2 days a week between finance department, management and admin by not having to worry about invoicing and purchasing parts.

Improved Building Life Cycle: K-MAC Planned Preventative Maintenance system has been a major help for CLS. There has been an improved life cycle in accommodation as accommodations are kept well and maintained regularly. Our Operatives know each of the villages inside out and can provide CLS with valuable advice in how to improve standards and identify areas which need to be addressed.

Challenges overcome

  • When K-MAC first took over to contract, a number of issues were not highlighted by the previous provider. In Thomand village, a large number of roof tiles weren’t sealed properly which led to dampness in the apartments. There were a number of problems with the electrical distribution causing electrical hazards. These problems were identified and rectified shortly after K-MAC were awarded the contract.  
  • Last May, K-MAC were required to turnaround a large number of rooms for the Special Olympics in a very short time frame, all of which they achieved with minimal disruption.
  • Carried out many Project Management tasks, most notably a fit out of apartments in Dromroe

Number of works carried out in 2014: 12,315.